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Upper Middle Bogan S3 Scripts now on iBooks

Ever felt like you should be reading more but just love watching TV instead? Here's the perfect compromise. More

Upper Middle Bogan S1 Scripts now on iBooks

Why watch the TV series when you can read it?

The scripts of all eight episodes from the first season including loads of on set and behind the scenes photos. More

Very Small Business - Netflix

Our series "Very Small Business" is now on Netflix in Australia. Only 6 eps so an early-to-bed binge. More

Now Add Honey - Official Trailer

Here's the brand new 2 minute version of #nowaddhoney - otherwise known as the Official Trailer. More

‘I forced a book on my daughter. Her reaction was unexpected.’

Children are glued to their screens for more than seven hours a day on average. I know this because figures have been released to announce this alarming statistic. I also know this because I have a 12 year old. More

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Now Add Honey goes to the Bentonville Film Festival

We have some exciting news! Our feature film, NOW ADD HONEY, will have its world premiere at the Bentonville Film Festival in the USA. More

Little Lunch

So, we have been holed up in an edit suite for an unnatural amount of time and are very pleased to let you know, we are now putting the finishing touches on our new comedy series, Little Lunch. We’ve been describing it to people as The Office in the playground. More

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Upper Middle Bogan Season 2

Very pleased to announce that season 2 will air in Australia from October 16 @ 8. 30pm on ABC. More

We're making a feature film.

Filming started yesterday. Ridiculously excited. Six weeks of chicken or the beef for lunch. More

Upper Middle Bogan - On air date and trailer

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