Stories from the Golf - The Journey (Episode 6)

Stories from the Golf - 13 x 5 minute comedy series for SBS from the creators of Upper Middle Bogan, The Librarians, Little Lunch and Very Small Business. Here's an episode from the first series we ever made, Stories from the Golf. Set in a car hire company, each episode a different customer rents a Volkswagen Golf. This episode, 'The Journey' follows two French tourists. It features Robyn doing her sexiest French acting and we roped in our good friend Matt Parkinson because he's very funny... and the only other person we knew who spoke French. *** "A brilliant send-up of every self-aware French film you've ever seen... Hysterical."- Sydney Morning Herald For more information go to: See all the Eps from the series here: #StoriesFromTheGolf #Gristmill