The Little Lunch App in the Classroom - Case Study

The Little Lunch App: iTunes: and Teacher's Guide: Google Play: and Teacher's Guide: Little Lunch App - ACTF Education Program: Little Lunch App - A Teacher's Guide - ACTF Education Program: Little Lunch resources in the ACTF Shop: See how primary students and their teachers are using the Little Lunch digital storytelling resources to create and share their very own Little Lunch episodes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Subscribe to the ACTF → Facebook → Twitter → Instagram → Website → Like our video? Give it a thumbs up or share it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For the latest info, new television programs and upcoming events: Join the ACTF newsletter → For the past three decades, the ACTF has helped to develop children’s television policy; distribute and invest in Australian children’s television series; support new, innovative and entertaining children’s media; and develop valuable screen resources for the education sector. Some of the most notable ACTF programs include Round the Twist, Dance Academy, Lift Off!, My Place, Mortified, Noah and Saskia, Lil Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers, Bushwhacked!, The Genie From Down Under, Worst Year of My Life Again, Lockie Leonard, Ready For This, Little Lunch and many more.

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