Little Lunch wins the Prix Jeunesse International Award

We awoke to find an email from Germany telling us Little Lunch had won the Prix Jeunesse International Award for Best Fiction Program for 7-10!

We pyjama danced around in celebration until Wayne asked Robyn 'what exactly are the Prix Jeunesse Awards?' Robyn, appalled by his ignorance, danced off to breakfast yelling 'google it'.

Here's what he found: Prix Jeunesse is a unique children’s television festival held in Munich every two years with a mission to support excellence and quality in children’s television. This week 565 delegates from 65 countries came together to watch the finalist films and vote for their favourite shows. These delegates are broadcasters, producers and academics working in the children’s television field.

Little Lunch was also the only program in its category to be one of the top three shows for both adult and child voters. It became the runner up in the Children’s Jury Prize where 500 children all over Germany vote for their favourite show.