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Gristmill’s New Satire for the ABC



🇯🇵 リトル・ランチ Ri To Ru・Ra N Chi 🏆

More exciting news. Our Little Lunch special The Nightmare Before Graduation has just won the 2017 Japan Prize for best primary series! Here is everyone’s favourite teacher ‘Mrs Gonsha’ (Heidi Arena) accepting the prize in Tokyo. As always, a big thank you to the ACTF for championing the show around the world.


Getting My Head Read.

'Would you like any music with your MRI, Mr Hope?' asks the extremely chirpy guy from Dorevitch Health. It's not a question I expect while I’m pulling my pants off in a small hospital cubicle. 'Are you packing any titanium?' maybe, but music with my MRI? 'No, but I’ll have the rocket and pear salad.' There is silence from the other side of the cubicle. Don’t piss him off, I think, he'll be the one controlling the radiation dial in a few minutes. He eventually pipes up again. 'Mr Hope, if you could pop on the provided gown with the opening at the back and, please, leave your underwear ON.' Clearly, the underlining of 'please' and 'on' indicates there have been nasty free-balling incidents here in the past.


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Upper Middle Bogan

🍎 Little Lunch 🏆 Jury Prize

We are so proud to announce that Little Lunch has just won the 'Children's Jury Prize' at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival. You can find out more here thanks to our friends at the ACTF.


True Grist.

'Make sure you don't do anything to damage the Gristmill brand!' Wayne Hope said to me on my first day directing The Librarians. He was, of course, joking. Like me, Wayne had noticed how, these days, anyone and anything can be referred to as a brand. Justin Beiber, the swine flu, the concept of shame - brands, all of them, fighting for awareness in an overcrowded marketplace.


Love in Lockdown - Press Release

An unlikely couple falls in love when forced to take online ukulele lessons during COVID-19.


Little Lunch Honoured at International Emmy Awards Kids in Cannes 🇫🇷

Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope, the creators of the AACTA award winning hit children's series Little Lunch have been honoured on the international stage at the 2018 International Emmy Awards Kids in Cannes, France.


We're making a feature film.

Filming started yesterday. Ridiculously excited. Six weeks of chicken or the beef for lunch. Here's the official press release that went out.


Love in Lockdown wins 'Best Online Series' the AACTA awards

We are so thrilled to have picked up an AACTA award for our micro series 'Love in Lockdown' which was written and made in just 17 days throughout the lockdown period in Melbourne this year!


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