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Book Buzz & Learning for Life.

At Gristmill, we think we are incredibly lucky to have made
careers out of writing our ideas down in dialogue and stage
directions. Naturally we think the ability to write is extremely
important, as is the ability to read – so we can assess whether
what we have written is nonsense or not.

We think everyone deserves the opportunity to learn to write
which is why we think the Indigenous Literacy Foundation’s Book Buzz Program and The Smith Family’s Learning for Life Program are amazing. Really amazing.

We even wrote an episode of Upper Middle Bogan around Learning for Life...

The Smith Family provides thousands of disadvantaged
Australian students the opportunity to be supported through their
education, which, as Bess struggled to say to Dr Wang, is the only
thing that breaks the poverty cycle. (And, as Dr Wang said, the
statistics are just extraordinary. Lives really do get changed.)

If you’re interested in being a supporter too, explore more here.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation focuses on instilling a love of reading from an early age.

Being able to read opens so many doors. But in very remote Indigenous communities, books are all too scarce and literacy levels are so much lower than anywhere else in Australia. The Foundation seeks to make a difference to the lives of Indigenous families by not only gifting thousands of new culturally appropriate books – with a focus on early literacy and first language - but also by running programs to inspire the communities to tell and publish their own stories.

If you’re interested in being a supporter too, explore more here.

And if you’d like to get into the Gristgiving spirit right now, you can! We currently have bespoke and precious artworks from our shows for sale, the proceeds of which will all go to The Indigenous Literacy Foundation and The Smith Family.

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