Small Tales & True.

(Comedy; 6 x 30 mins)

Here's one from the vault. Written by Robyn Butler, Roz Hammond, Bob Franklin and Matt Cameron, Small Tales & True is a mockumentary series made for the Comedy Channel in 1998. We'd like to think we were trailblazers as we made this before mockumentary was de rigueur. And, yes, we did meet on this show, playing husband and wife. The on screen marriage went well so we decided to try it out in real life. It's been very similar to the shoot, right down to the catering truck parked out the front of our house (deal breaker for Robyn).

  • Written by Robyn Butler, Matt Cameron, Roz Hammond, Bob Franklin and Kevin Carlin
  • Directed by Matt Cameron
  • Featuring Robyn Butler, Bob Franklin, Roz Hammond, Stephen Curry, Sophie Lee, Colin Lane, Wayne Hope and Genevieve Morris
  • Also standout performances from Monica Maughan and Frank Gallacher. Brilliant comic actors, sadly missed.