Comedy  /  3 Seasons (24 x 30 min)

When an upper middle class woman discovers she is adopted, she is shocked to find out she comes from a drag racing family in the outer suburbs.

Created and Produced by:
Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope

Written by:
Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope. Gary McCaffrie, Tony Martin, Trent Roberts, Kirsty Fisher, Alix Beane

Directed by:
Wayne Hope and Tony Martin

Annie Maynard, Patrick Brammall, Robyn Malcolm, Michala Banas, Rhys Mitchell, Maddy Jevic, Lara Robinson, Harrison Feldman, Dougie Baldwin, Glenn Robbins, Robyn Nevin

Delicious character-based comedy that's as much about personal foibles as it is the vices and virtues of Australia's various social stratum.” — Sunday Herald

Winner - ACCTA Award for Best Television Comedy Series
Nominated - ACCTA Award for Best Performance in a TV Comedy
Nominated - ACCTA Award for Best Screenplay in Television
Nominated - ACCTA Award for Best Costume Design
4th Annual Equity Ensemble Awards

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